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Waiting for the Game




Whoop! Whoop! Sunday is finally here.
You guys over there, put a little more ice on that beer.
No, no cartoons today, it’s the Super Bowl, my baby.
Let’s see now, we’ve got pecan pie, potato salad, rice and gravy.
The Saints and the Colts are fixing to battle it out.
Poppa’s got a brisket in the oven, that’s what I’m talking about!
I pray our Boys in Black and Gold will come through
Sure we have boudin, get you some, boo.
My family and friends are gathered around.
Man, I just love that “Who Dat?” sound.
Us little Cajun “Who Dats?” are all fired up!!!
Hey you, yes you, make sure you spit in that cup!
Oh yes, I can just see it now. Peyton will be flat on the ground!
Are y’all ready there in the kitchen for another round?
Bless you Boys! Sean and the other coaches too.
You guys are already champs to us, Drew and crew!
Hey y’all can somebody stir that gumbo?
Come on now,

“Who Dat?” !! We Believe!!  Geaux Saints!! Geaux!!

 by Sharon Denise Talbot