New Orleans fears new disaster

The city of New Orleans, on Louisiana’s Gulf Coast, is no stranger to disaster. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina destroyed large parts of the city and it still has yet to fully recover. Now as the Gulf of Mexico oil spill threatens to devastate the region’s wildlife and coastal industries, residents in New Orleans fear they […]

Oil firms challenge US drilling ban

The six-month moratorium on new deep water oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is facing a legal challenge, despite the fact that oil continues to gush from a ruptured undersea well. More than a dozen companies involved in offshore drilling operations have launched a lawsuit that would reverse the Obama administration’s ban. Al Jazeera’s […]

BP Blocking Media Access? New Orleans interview

wdsutv — BP Blocking Media Access? Great interview from New Orleans TV station wdsu tv. Copyright wdsutv New Orleans 2010 BP blocking blocks media access new Orleans oil spill gulf of mexico blackout Duration : 0:3:21