What is crime like in New Orleans, and will it get better?

I’ve heard that crime in New Orleans is absolutely terrible, and that’s the main reason my family wouldn’t want to move there if they had an opportunity to. Will the crime get better? Also, my family has said that they wouldn’t want to move to New Orleans because of the aftermath and effects of Katrina. […]

how has gerldo rivera never been killed ?

you’ve got to hand it to him. he’s been around doing his thing for most of my life, putting his life in danger. and now he’s down in nola, playing with a wind speed toy. go geraldo! I don’t know how he has never gotten injured if only by an ex-wife. Ha ha He goes […]

Can you plan a Baton Rouge/New Orleans vacation for 4 crazy teenagers?

We’re on a budget of $1200 all together. Ages: 19,18,17,15. All girls. We need: A hotel for a week Shopping Partying Lots of tourist attractions Lots and Lots of food!!!!! We don’t want to leave anyone out. We need a hotel that allows 18 year olds to check in alone. Any and all ideas are […]

Court of Two Sisters

Judging from the gorgeous day I spent in the French Quarter yesterday, spring is sneaking up on us.  With sunshine and birdsong I can’t think of a better place to enjoy a scrumptious Jazz  Brunch in the Big Easy than the Court of Two Sisters.  Located at  613 Royal Street in the heart of the New […]