Eyehategod – Dogs Holy Life

This song is from their 1996 album, “Dopesick” Track Listing: 1.My Name Is God (I Hate You) 2.Dogs Holy Life 3.Masters Of Legalized Confusion 4.Dixie Whiskey 5.Ruptured Heart Theory 6.Non Conductive Nagative Reasoning 7.Lack Of Almost Everything 8.Zero Nowhere 9.Methamphetamine 10.Peace Thru War (Thru Peace And War) 11.Broken Down But Not Locked Up 12.Anxiety Hangover […]

Super Saints – “More Than A Championship”

I created this video in dedication to our Super Bowl 44 Champs and the many devoted fans across the amazing city of New Orleans, Gulf Coast, and “Who Dat” fans across the globe. We did it! Duration : 0:6:21