Quint & Nola – Nola In The Hospital (part 1/14) – Guiding Light 1982

Guiding Light – September 1982 – Nola In The Hospital Continued from Silas Kidnaps Nola (part 16) Tony, Bea, Maureen, Hillary and Quint are at the hospital waiting for news on Nola. Tony is telling the women about Nolas ordeal and Quint is sitting apart from them, looking like hes going to pass out. The […]

Quint & Nola – Silas Kidnaps Nola (part 16/16) – Guiding Light 1982

Guiding Light – August 1982 – Silas Kidnaps Nola The story will continue in Nola In The Hospital (part 1) Theyve stopped and Tony went to get Nola something to eat and drink. Nolas head is resting on Quints shoulder in the car and she tells him that she never thought shed see anyone again […]