The Saint’s Secret Cheerleader

This is a story that was originally posted in 2014 about some of the many things that Coach Sean Payton has done for the people of the New Orleans area off the field. There are other resource links at the end of this article. This great story was passed to me via e-mail.  I wanted to […]

New Orleans Hooray!

This is the video from my set at La Noir Comedy Theater in NEW ORLEANS! Some old stuff, some new stuff, enjoy it. I love NOLA now and you can tell because I called it NOLA. Honestly, the comedy down there is really tight and the people are so supportive, creative, and of course funny. […]

Audubon Insectarium Insect Museum in New Orleans, LA

The Audubon Insectarium in New Orleans, LA is an award-winning insect museum that features 23,000 square feet of exhibits and various attractions involving the insect world. Exhibits include Butterflies in Flight and the Life Underground Experience. The Audubon Insectarium is the largest museum of its kind in the United States. Find more information at […]

Festa dei gigli Nola 2009 – SARTO paranza INSUPERABILE

SARTO: Festa dei Gigli Nola 2009 PARANZA : Insuperabile MUSICA : Franco Manco CANTANTI: Felice Parisi e Gaetano Gegnoso (Babbà) Firmatario: Mario Ambrosino Maestro di Festa: Fam. Del Vecchio e Fam. Vitale Costruttore:Gruppo NAL Duration : 0:9:28