In New Orleans, Underinsured Served Once Again

Read the Transcript: Betty Ann Bowser reports from the Crescent City on one doctor’s success in establishing clinics for the underinsured after Hurricane Katrina wiped out the city’s main charity hospital. Duration : 0:6:36

Life’s A Drag Blog: Nola

This is my first video blog. I’ve always wanted to make a video blog, so I thought i’d give it a try haha. and alot of went down the other night in Nola, so why not video blog about it? anyways. yeah. :] Duration : 0:5:38

Residents Voice Opinions On Master Plan

People living in New Orleans City Council District B come together to talk about the future of their neighborhood — but it’s the same issue that keeps tearing them apart. Duration : 0:1:52

Le Bonheur Pumpkin Run, Live at Nine, WREG, Memphis, TN, 10-06-2009, 9am

Jonathan and Desiree Bawcum, and their adorable two year old daughter, Nola, are interviewed on “Live at Nine”, on WREG in Memphis, Tennessee, with Alex Coleman and Marybeth Conley. Nola was born with hydrocephalus. They were there to explain the importance of the Pumpkin Run for Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center. Their team “Nola Gracyn”, […]