Quint & Nola – Silas Kidnaps Nola (part 11/16) – Guiding Light 1982

Guiding Light – August 1982 – Silas Kidnaps Nola Quint joins Tony in his car at the hiding spot in the cemetery and they wait for Jamie. Tony is nervous his car could be spotted, but Quint is confident theyre well-hidden but will still be able to see Jamie when he arrives to pick up […]

Quint & Nola – Nola Spies On Quint (part 1/20) – Guiding Light 1982

Continued from Nola In The Hospital (Part 14) Guiding Light – October 1982 – Nola Spies On Quint Lt. Wyatt visits Nola at the boarding house. Lt. Wyatt tells Nola he and the FBI want her help. He asks her to move back to Thornway Road to observe things. He says that Silas Crocker still […]