78s – NOLA – Milt Raskin’s Hollywood Ragtimers

Nola Song Felix Arndt – 1915: What the Mississippi Rag is to piano ragtime, Nola is to the genre of Novelty piano solos. While actually not a true novelty rag, it was certainly a pioneering effort in that direction and one of the most well known pieces of a style that would ultimately become a […]

Benuzzi Maserati MC12 at Ferrari French Quarter Classic 2007

Dario Benuzzi performs like crazy at the Ferrari French Quarter Classic 2007. Dario Benuzzi is the legendary Ferrai Test Pilot, who has been developing all the Ferrari Cars for the last decades, including Enzo, FXX, 430, 599, scuderia. Benuzzi Is also known as the: “King of Fiorano”, the Ferrari Test track, and some say that […]

New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams New Years Eve 12 31 1990

New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams in the Louisiana Superdome New Years Eve, 12/31/90. To the last second, an exciting finish between Jim Mora (Saints) and John Robinson (Rams) as coaches. The final regular season game in 1990. In the video, there is even one shot of former Saints GM Jim Finks. Off an […]