If Saints Clip Falcons They Clinch NFC South

The New Orleans Saints play one of the two teams that beat them this season, the Atlanta Falcons. They are playing the night game this Thanksgiving. This is our preview and prediction for this game. The last game of 2019 Thanksgiving Day has the New Orleans Saints playing the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta. This is […]

Saints Want To Capsize The Bucs

The New Orleans Saints are coming off a division loss to the Atlanta Falcons. The Saints are still in the drivers seat but they have to right the ship by sinking the Bucs.             Tampa Bay Bucs Host The New Orleans Saints New Orleans came off of a bye week […]

Saints Look To Cage The Cardinals

The 6 – 1 New Orleans Saints look to extend their winning streak, without Drew Brees, against the Arizona Cardinals who are on a three game winning streak of their own.             New Orleans Saints Against The Arizona Cardinals The New Orleans Saints have surprised everyone to this point. When […]

Bet On The Saints Against The Bears

The New Orleans Saints keeps defying the experts and are now 5 – 1. The “experts” say the Bears 3 – 2 Bears are favored. Let’s analyze that.   New Orleans Saints Are 5 – 1, Looking To Go 6 – 1 The New Orleans Saints are riding a wave of great defense play and […]

Preview Saints Travel To Play The Jags

The New Orleans Saints are 3 – 0 after the injury of Drew Brees. There aren’t too many “experts” who thought that would be the case after Brees went down against the Rams. Let’s take a look at the next match up against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Jacksonville.     NFC South Leading Saints Take […]

Saints Play The Bucs In The Dome

Game 5 of the 2019 – 2020 Season for the New Orleans Saints If you were a gambler and wanted to make a bet on the New Orleans Saints with lots of upside but probably a sucker’s bet. Prior to the injury, the New Orleans Saints had a 13.4% chance of making it to the […]

Saints Win But Don’t Dominate The Seahawks

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Saints Win Against The Seahawks They Were Saved By Alvin Kamara     Anyone who believes that the game against the Seahawks is a model for success needs to look deeper. While a win is a win, the numbers don’t lie. Let’s start with what worked Alvin Kamara was a force against the Seahawks. Kamara […]