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There Are Ways To Get Paid For Being Social

There are so many new Social Media sites out there. Facebook and Twitter are now a part of all of our lives. The difficult part is how do you tweet and still make a living? Our friends at IZEA have the perfect solution; get paid for being a Social Media Publisher! They have created a Social Media Advertising opportunity called SocialSpark. This site is breaking new ground in the world of Social Media Marketing. This is new ground in the world of blog marketing . You are able to get paid for doing things you would normally do. When you are interacting with friends via your favorite Social Media site there is an opportunity to be compensated. SocialSpark matches bloggers and advertisers in a way that is very natural and seamless. The advertiser is able to create brand advocate teams to help promote their product. The blogger now has a sponsor to help support their blogging activities. This is more than just a win / win. This is a situation where IZEA is helping bloggers by expanding the number of revenue channels that are available to them. IZEA is no newcomer to the world of blogging. They broke ground with their highly successful PayPerPost program. They great thing about working for them is they never require you to say anything you don’t believe. This allows you to maintain the integrity of your blog. So take a look at SocialSpark, who knows you could be on your way to a profitable blog publishing career.