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New Orleans Dance Lessons

The best way to experience gifts is to enjoy them together.
The best way to describe the dances is to see them. Below the descriptions you will find links to performances and social dancing videos. Our classes will prep you for social dancing. Keep in mind that the dances on those videos are performed by professionals.
**In level 1, you will learn the form of Swing that is similar to the Jitterbug and that will prep you for Lindy hop. It is characterized by a six-count basic, spins, turns, bounces and some charlestons! In the beginner class, you will learn the basic six count triple and single time that you can use right away on the social dance floor as well as essential lead and follow skills that will allow you to dance with anyone. In our classes, we teach you this style in view of preparing you for Lindy Hop.
**In Level 2: The Lindy Hop.
Here you will be introduced to the Lindy Hop and its main basic the swing out, the lindy circle and charlestons.
**In level 3, we expect you to be fairly comfortable with the swing out. We keep working on various rhythms, footwork variations and patterns. We also start working with the music.