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SHELL SHOCK: “Lost In Reality” 7-15-1988 (NOLA)

This is a video I shot at Storyville Jazz Hall in New Orleans on July 15, 1988. This is SHELL SHOCK!!!

SHELL SHOCK were formed in 1980 and were the first hardcore punk band based out of the New Orleans area. Over the years the line up had changed as well as the style from straight forward hardcore punk to more of a cross over style. With many 7 inch singles and 2 full lengths and lots of touring under their belt, they were a premiere New Orleans band that is sadly missed.


Kirk Windstein: Guitar / Vocals
Mike “Hatch Boy” Hatch: Guitar
Mike Savoie: Bass
Jimmy Bower: Drums

Kirk Windstein took over the vocals duties after original singer Greg Hatch (hatch Boy’s brother) moved from New Orleans to SF earlier that year. This is Kirk’s 2nd gig with the band.

In November of 1988 Mike “Hatch Boy” Hatch, tragically ended his life. Months later the band carried on as “AFTER SHOCK”, then by 1990 they changed the name to THE SLUGS. Which would later be renamed CROWBAR.

Jimmy Bower and Kirk Windstein would work together again in CROWBAR and DOWN. Years later Bassist Mike Savoie would become a video director and would work with CROWBAR, DOWN and PANTERA during the course of the 1990’s.

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Duration : 0:2:53

[youtube _c0-FvGDW9A]