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Quint & Nola – Silas Returns (part 2/3) – Guiding Light 1982

Guiding Light – November 1982 – Silas Returns

Nola is upset because Mrs. Renfield won’t tell her Quint’s whereabouts. She says she would have liked to have a nice dinner alone since no one else was in the house. Before Mrs. Renfield can comment, Quint and Tony walk through the front door. Tony helps Quint through the door as Quint asks if Nola and the baby are all right. Quint is obvioulsy hurt but the first thing he does is hug Nola and says how happy he is that she’s all right. She asks him what happened and he tells her not to worry, that he’s fine. Tony leaves to check the grounds as Nola and Quint head into the study. Quint tells Mrs. Renfield that he wants to speak with Helena.

Quint sits on the couch and Nola kneels on the floor in front of him, visibly distressed about his injuries. She wants him to go the emergency room, but he insists he’s fine. He gestures for Nola to sit next to him on the couch and she does. She asks why he wanted to speak with Helena. Before he can answer, she realizes that Helena is involved with what happened to Quint and that if Helena is involved, so is Silas Crocker. Quint admits that he went to meet Silas.

Quint explains what happened between him and Silas. He tells her that the gun discharged and Silas was shot. She asks if Silas is dead and Quint says no. Nola is upset and asks him if he realizes that he could have been shot, too. Nola asks if he’s crazy and why he went to meet Silas. Then she asks why he didn’t call the police and how Tony is involved. Quint tells her that Tony just happened to be there and explains exactly what happened.

Mrs. Renfield returns and tries to dress Quint’s wound. He asks where Helena is and she informs him that Helena isn’t in the house and that all her possessions are gone. Nola is upset about the fact that Quint trusted Helena with his life and he won’t trust her with the truth. She storms out of the study and goes to her room. Quint follows. At first she won’t let him in but he persists and she opens the door.

Quint notices that she’s been crying and tells her he didn’t mean to make her cry. Again, she asks if he knows he could have been killed. He tells her that if he told her what he was going to do, he wouldn’t have been able to leave her. She tells him that she doesn’t understand him at all. He tells her that he loves her, she’s the most important thing in his life, and that he couldn’t live without her. They embrace and Tony appears at the door, breaking the moment. Tony says that he didn’t find anyone on the grounds and that Fritz is going to increase the number of guards. Nola gets upset over the fact that Silas is still out there. Quint tells her not to worry, that Silas won’t hurt her again.

Nola is confused by the whole situation and asks Tony why he didn’t call the police. He says there didn’t seem to be much point after Silas got away. Nola tells Tony that he’s just as bad as Quint. Then she asks Quint if he ever thought he was the most important thing to her and she couldn’t live without him. Tony tells her to give Quint a break. Nola kicks them both out of her room.

Mrs. Renfield tells Quint she knows how difficult the whole situation is for him. He says it is but the most upsetting thing is the he’s let Nola down again. Mrs. Renfield thinks he misunderstood Nola’s reaction; that she’s only upset because she cares about him. Quint says that he loves Nola, too. Mrs. Renfield tells him that Nola will be fine, that she has a good heart, and she loves Quint. Quint insists that the reason he met Silas is for Nola, for their future. He knows they couldn’t have a life together living under Silas’s threats. Mrs. Renfield tells Quint to go to Nola and tell her how he feels. He says he’s tried but she’s not ready to listen, that if she was, she’d listen with her heart and know how much he truly loves her.


Mrs. Renfield – Beulah Garrick
Nola Reardon – Lisa Brown
Quint McCord – Michael Tylo
Tony Reardon – Greg Beecroft

Duration : 0:8:1

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