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Quint & Nola – Silas Kidnaps Nola (part 11/16) – Guiding Light 1982

Guiding Light – August 1982 – Silas Kidnaps Nola

Quint joins Tony in his car at the hiding spot in the cemetery and they wait for Jamie. Tony is nervous his car could be spotted, but Quint is confident theyre well-hidden but will still be able to see Jamie when he arrives to pick up the Golden Cradle. Tony asks if theres another entrance into the cemetery, Quint tells him theres a back way, but its too long and treacherous for Jamie to travel it while transporting the heavy cradle. Still, Tony wants to get out of the car and hide near the gravesite in order to ensure he sees Jamie. Quint decides thats a good idea, but wants to go himself. Tony insists on going.

Helena is creeping around the cemetery and finds the Golden Cradle. She starts opening the crate to remove the cradle but before she succeeds, Tony finds her. He restrains her and reminds her that Nolas life depends on Silas getting his hands on the cradle. Helena fights him and demands he let her go. Aggravated with her fighting him, Tony throws her over his shoulder and carries her away from the gravesite.

Back at the car, Quint remembers his time with Nola in St. Croix and her voice on the phone asking him to do whatever Silas asks. Hes still thinking about Nola when Tony shows up with Helena and deposits her next to Quint on the front seat and climbs in behind the steering wheel, sandwiching her between them. Tony tells Quint what he found Helena doing and Quint says he should have known shed pull something and says she could have cost Nola her life. Quint tells her shell have to stay with them while they follow Jamie. Helena tells him he cant mean that, that Silas will kill her if he sees her. Quint doesnt care. He tells her its too late and shes made her choice. Shell have to remain with them.

Hours later, Helena complains that theyve waited all night and theres still no sign of Loomis. Quint says its probably her fault because he told Silas no one would be in the cemetery and she was there lurking around. Tony goes on foot to check out the cemetery again.

Helena complains that its cold and she wants to go home. Quint tells her thats too bad, that she has to stay with him because he doesnt trust her and never will. Just then, a car drives into the cemetery and Quint turns his attention to it. Helena takes that opportunity to reach into the backseat and grab the crowbar she was using to open the crate. She hits Quint on the head, rendering him unconscious and leaves the car, taking the keys with her.

Quint McCord – Michael Tylo
Tony Reardon – Greg Beecroft
Helena Manzini – Rose Alaio

Duration : 0:8:33

[youtube 41fSMo9nkiw]