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Quint & Nola – Nola Spies On Quint (part 1/20) – Guiding Light 1982

Continued from Nola In The Hospital (Part 14)

Guiding Light – October 1982 – Nola Spies On Quint

Lt. Wyatt visits Nola at the boarding house. Lt. Wyatt tells Nola he and the FBI want her help. He asks her to move back to Thornway Road to observe things. He says that Silas Crocker still hasnt been found, but they have found that Alan Spauldings kidnappers have been traced to people Quint has associated in the past. He says it would be a big help to them if Nola moved back in with Quint and reports any strange occurrences.

Nola says she could never do that because she likes Quint and hes been very good to her, but they state she could help prove Quints innocence. Lt. Wyatt tells her to think it over and let him know, but he asks her not to discuss this with anyone.

Quint and Mrs. Renfield are in the study and hes telling her how he went to speak with Nola about coming back to Thornway Road. Mrs. Renfield says thats good but they have to be careful because of whats going on on the third floor. Quint gets visibly upset saying that this has been going on for 2 years and asks Mrs. Renfield how long he has to pay for past mistakes. She says that she just doesnt want Nola or anyone to find out all their secrets, then asks Quint if hes planning on going to the police and telling them everything. He says of course he isnt, that if he does that everything will come out.

Quint says that all he wants is to spend some time with Nola and the baby, that he wants to pretend they have some kind of future together. Mrs. Renfield says that she understands, but he has to understand that if he chooses to live in a dream world, even for a short time, it will be harder for him when that dream world comes to an end.

Helena arrives, stating she just arrived from police headquarters and tells Quint she must talk to him. She warns him that his life is going to be in jeopardy if he doesnt start to cover his tracks up. She tells him that the police are asking some very dangerous questions.

Gracie is sitting at a table in the cafeteria at the hospital. Nola arrives, obviously taking the whole spy thing too seriously. She is wearing sunglasses and a trench coat and sneaks into the cafeteria and hides behind a plant before running to the table. Nola tells Gracie how the police and FBI have asked her to spy on Quint. She says she has to do it to prove Quint is innocent, that Quint needs her.

Mrs. Renfield joins Quint and Helena in the study. Quint tells her that Helena had been called in for questioning by the police and asked her about Jamie Loomis, who as it turns out, kept a diary.

Nola Reardon – Lisa Brown
Lt. Larry Wyatt – Joe Ponazecki
Brenda Lowry – Deborah May
Quint McCord – Michael Tylo
Mrs. Renfield – Beulah Garrick
Helena Manzini – Rose Alaio
Fritz – Bill Britton
Gracie Middleton – Lori Shelle

Duration : 0:9:41

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