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Quint & Nola – Nola In The Hospital (part 1/14) – Guiding Light 1982

Guiding Light – September 1982 – Nola In The Hospital

Continued from Silas Kidnaps Nola (part 16)

Tony, Bea, Maureen, Hillary and Quint are at the hospital waiting for news on Nola. Tony is telling the women about Nolas ordeal and Quint is sitting apart from them, looking like hes going to pass out. The gash on his head from where Helena hit him with the crowbar is dressed with gauze. Hillary notices that he doesnt look good and goes over and asks if hes all right. Of course, he says hes fine then says hes not fine and he wont be until he has some word that Nola is okay. Hillary tells him he should have someone look at his head. Quint says that he wont leave until he hears about Nola.

Kelly and Ed are in the room taking care of an unconscious Nola. Kelly diagnoses her with gastroentonitis and Ed agrees. They decide to move her to a room and get an IV started. Nola mutters, Mr. McCord.

In the waiting room, Hillary tries to reassure everyone that Nola is getting the best care and will be fine. Quint says its all his fault and Tony tells him that its Silas Crockers fault. Bea is upset when she finds out Silas got away and that the police still havent been called. Hillary suggests they call Lt. Wyatt. Quint says it wouldnt make a difference that hes probably out of the country by now and that the only thing that matters is Nola.

Kelly and Ed appear and explain whats wrong with Nola and how theyre going to treat her. Ed says he doesnt want to worry them, but Nola is very sick. He also says that she probably wont remember much of whats happened the past forty-eight hours. Quint says, Thank God for that and Tony agrees. Bea cringes as Tony describes the conditions of the room where they found Nola.

Ed tries to talk Quint into getting checked out in the ER. Quint restates that be fine once he knows Nola is okay. Again, he blames himself for her condition.

Floyd shows up and tells Bea that he didnt know Nola was kidnapped. Kelly enters the waiting room and when questioned says that the antibiotics havent had a chance to work yet and that Nola is very weak and cant fight back yet. Leslie Ann walks in just Floyd tells Kelly that he has to save Nola, that they cant lose her.

Maureen tries to convince Bea to go home and rest. Bea refuses. Hillary tells Tony shes worried about Quint, that he doesnt look well and she thinks hes taking it harder than anyone. Tony says that he thinks Quint is in love with Nola, that Quint kept saying how his life isnt worth anything without her. Hillary says that Quint looks so alone, that Tony should go talk to him.

Tony asks Quint if he got a hold of Mrs. Renfield. Quint said he did and he told her to prepare Nolas room for when she comes home. Again he says that if anything happens to Nola he wont forgive himself and that his life wont be worth living. He says he feels like he let her down. Tony tells Quint that he did more to help her than anyone and that he (Tony) appreciates it.

Quint says that all his life he never let anyone get close to him for fear theyd get hurt. He says he tried to keep Nola out, but she got close anyway. And now he realizes his life is cursed and that anyone who gets close to him will be cursed, too. Tony asks what he means by cursed. Kelly enters the waiting room before Quint has to answer.

Kelly says they put her on a new antibiotic and he has every confidence it will work. Bea asks if she can see Nola. Kelly says the immediate family can see her but he warns them that she has a high fever and shes hallucinating. Quint says hed like to see her, too. Kelly says hes sorry, but only immediate family members are allowed at this point. Tony offers to let Quint take his place and Kelly agrees.

Floyd corners Kelly and says that hed like to see Nola, too. Kelly again says that he cant let him in, that Nola is upset and talking about Kelly Louise a lot and he doesnt think it would be a good idea because if she saw Floyd it might upset her more. Floyd walks away looking mad. Bea and Maureen leave the waiting room to go see Nola.

Floyd is talking to Leslie Ann, Katie, and Derek. Katie is explaining the particulars of Nolas condition to him. Floyd says that Kelly told him only immediate family could see Nola and that Quint isnt immediate family so its not right for him to see her. Derek jumps in and says he doesnt think it would be a good idea for Floyd to see Nola because the last time they were together they had an ugly fight. Floyd says, Derek, you seem to forget that Nola is the mother of my child and because of that well always have close family ties.

Leslie Ann looks away, looking upset.

Quint McCord – Michael Tylo
Tony Reardon – Greg Beecroft
Bea Reardon – Lee Lawson
Maureen Reardon – Ellen Dolan
Hillary Bauer – Marsha Clark
Kelly Nelson – John Shipp
Ed Bauer – Peter Simon
Nola Reardon – Lisa Brown
Floyd Parker – Tom Nielsen
Lesley-Ann Monroe – Carolyn Ann Clark
Derek Colby – Harley Venton

Duration : 0:9:54

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