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Do you think the movie "match point" portray the human nature well?

Frankly, i think Nola Rice(Scarlett’s character) had it coming when she started pressuring him to the point of threatening to go to his wife/ruining his life of luxury. She should have known that it was simply an affair for her anyway because all he/she did all the time was having sex behind Chloe’s back. At least his wife have a life with him in a sense.

I believe when a man is pushed to the line where he must decide if he is going to lose everything he had for a woman that he simply lust for sex with. He will choose the life of luxury instead. Like him said in a movie, if he chose her, what is he going to live, to be what, to do as what? it’s not worth it.

I think it’s more about choosing between what people are saying he should have and the rebellion against it….
and she so didn’t "have it coming", jeez there’s not a contract or guidelines when you enter into an affair, she was totally in her right to ask the lunatic to be with her…