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Why is New Orleans geting so much attention?

Not to be unsympathetic, but people all over the country lost their homes in natural disasters at different times during the year. So why is New Orleans so special?
So, people who lost homes in Florida should be ignored? Do you say "too bad" to them, give New Orleans everything?

I am sure you don’t mean to be unsympathetic, but that is exactly what you are. Yes! People do loose their homes year long due to natural disasters. But if you can’t figure out why New Orleans has received so much attention, then there is no point in explaining it. I would only hope that you find some compassion.


When other areas of the country are hit by natural disasters, the media does cover it. The reason for the amount of coverage in New Orleans is because an ENTIRE CITY was devastated. Thousands of people were evacuated to other cities. This is on a grand scale!

That is like saying, why did the media give so much attention to Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict? People vanalize every day. <–The entire black population was in an uproar over the verdict.

You come off as if you are upset with the people of New Orleans as well as the media.