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What has been done in New Orleans since Katrina, and what is being done?

It has been more than four years since Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. How has the city recovered from it? In your opinion, is the recovery effort behind or ahead of schedule? What is now being done to restore New Orleans back to its original feeling?

The historic parts of the city were all built on high ground and didn’t flood. There has also been huge progress in the past 4 years and most of the metro area now looks like Katrina never happened.

The city and metro area are still recovering from Katrina, and the process will take more years. Realize that Katrina was the worst natural disaster in US history and turned 90,000 square miles (an area larger than the UK) into a rubbish heap overnight. More buildings were destroyed in New Orleans alone (a small part of the disaster area) on the morning of August 29, 2005 than were destroyed in London by German bombs/rockets during all of WWII (the death toll in London was of course far, far higher).

In practical terms, the city & metro area are operating normally. Utilities like electricity/water/phone and city services like police/fire/ems/sanitation were all problematic in 2005-2006 but are back to normal. The area’s entertainment industry has also recovered.

There was a fear the "soul" of the city had been destroyed by Katrina, but that has not been the case.