Tours and New Orleans go hand in hand.  On any given day you can spot numerous tour groups on most streets.  There is a tour for everyone so whether you want history or thrills, fact or fiction, walking or riding, New Orleans tours can accomandate you.


Who Dat Do Dat New Orleans tours and attractions
Who Dat Do Dat New Orleans Attractions


The question was”Which tour groups are the best?  Does any of them pick up at the hotels? Which attractions are the best?”.  Wow, how do you answer that?  It has been suggested that Grey Line is the best overall tour company in New Orleans. They pick-up at most hotels, but you have to check with them to be certain. The much touted Haunted History Tours is reportedly best at the ghost/vampire type tours and have taken this tour myself I can vouch for it. One of the newer tours called Dark Crescent Tours seem to appeal to the more grisly minded tour seekers looking for a scare. The 1850’s House Store and the Friends of the Cabildo offer historical walking tours.  Here in New Orleans you don’t have to walk if you don’t care to.  There are mule drawn carriage tours through the French Quarter and to the cemetaries. There is also a cool double decker bus tour that for a flat fee will allow you to hop on and off at various points through out the city.  Segway, bike and riverboat tours are also ways to go.

There are so many options when it comes to tours it can be overwhelming.  Do your homework before you book your tour. Know what it is you want to tour and how you want to do it. The one key thing to remember is your tour guide makes all the difference. You want to choose someone who is licensed, knowledgeable of the facts and familiar with the area.  This is not always the case.  I live in the French Quarter and my street is very popular for walking as well as riding tours.  Some of the things I hear make me want to interrupt and correct or at the very least say “Liar, liar pants on fire.”  But I guess they figure it’s all about entertainment and enjoyment.

New Orleans has so much to offer and so much history to absorb you just can’t go wrong which ever way you go. There are numerous attractions, great music and awesome food every where you turn. The biggest problem will be making the time to do all you want to do.




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