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Subrosan is Coming…….


New Orleans

Hey y’all!  Things are getting hot here in New Orleans! No, I’m not talking about the New Orleans Saints controversy.  Hot off of the editor’s cutting board is a new trailer for the dark adult drama Subrosan! Check it out below!  We have talked about this amazing independent web series before and in the words of one of the main characters “It’s about to get exciting!”  A scheduled release date of April 19th has been set for the first episode with subsequent episodes to follow once a week. Subrosan was conceived and written by Dwayne Coots. It is being produced by the Subrosan Entertainment Group, a collective of actors and creative professionals.  This is just another example of the great filmmaking going on in Louisiana aka Hollywood South.  New Orleans has been home to many films over the last few years and offers much in the way of locations and talent.  While Subrosan has made use of what was readily available in New Orleans, it also takes us to other parts of the state and reveals that Louisiana as a whole is rich in all resources.  Please enjoy the Subrosan trailer.  Share with your friends and get ready for the first episode.  Like the monkey said when he lost his tail, “It won’t be long now!”  🙂

Sharon Denise Talbot


See you in New Orleans!

New Orleans