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Rebuilding New Orleans

Rebuilding New Orleans

Rebuilding New Orleans
Rebuilding New Orleans

Five years after Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl, New Orleans elected a new mayor, and people returning to their homes, but much work remains after the devastation caused by Katrina and the consequences of BP oil spill.There are many areas of town that are not reported on that are still struggling. There are parts of the New Orleans metro area that are no where near back to normal. New Orleans just ranked as the city with the worst decrease in property values. Having said all of that New Orleans still is a city with many things going for it. There is still a diversity of people who bring different ideas, approaches and backgrounds to solving this complex problem. The people of the region are resilient and resourceful. They are not about to give up on the Big Easy.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, President Bush declared that a “Great City
Will Rise Again.” He promised, “Throughout the area hit by the hurricane, we
will do what it takes—we will stay as long as it takes—to help citizens rebuild
their communities and their lives.”

Keep your eyes on the city and take the time to visit if you are looking for a great place for family and adult fun.

The people of New Orleans are optimistic about the future, but cautiously so.

Rebuilding New Orleans

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