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New Orleans Saints Quarterbacks

New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints Quarterbacks All-Time Quarterback Roster 19 Wood, Gary (QB) – Cornell 1967 Expansion Draft 15 Cuozzo, Gary (QB) – Virginia 1967 17 Kilmer, Billy (QB) – UCLA 1967-70 Expansion Draft 15,14 Sweetan, Karl (QB) – Wake Forest 1968 11 South, Ronnie Lee (QB) – Arkansas 1968 14 Hargett, Edd (QB) – Texas A&M 1969-72 11 Ninowski, Jim (QB) – Michigan State 1969 16 Ramsey, Steve (QB) – North Texas 1970 8 Manning, Archie (QB) – Mississippi 1971-75,77-82 15 Davis, Bob (QB) – Virginia 1973 12 Scott, Bobby (QB) – Tennessee 1973-82 13 Cipa, Larry (QB) – Michigan 1974-75 10 Douglass, Bobby (QB) – Kansas 1976-77 19 Merkens, Guido (QB/WR/DB) – Sam Houston State 1980-85 7 Benjamin, Guy (QB) – Stanford 1980 11 Burns, Ed (QB) – Nebraska 1978-80 18 Wilson, Dave (QB) – Illinois 1981,83-89 16 Stabler, Ken (QB) – Alabama 1982-84 11,14 Todd, Richard (QB) – Alabama 1984-85 3 Hebert, Bobby (QB) – Northwestern State 1985-89,91-92 12 Laufenberg, Babe (QB) – Indiana 1986 11 Fourcade, John (QB) – Mississippi 1987-90 12 Ingram, Kevin (QB) – East Carolina 1987 14 Riordan, Tim (QB) – Temple 1987 9 Kramer, Tommy (QB) – Rice 1990 4 Walsh, Steve (QB) – Miami (Fla.) 1990-93 16 Buck, Mike (QB) – Maine 1990-93 18 Wilson, Wade (QB) – Texas A&M-Commerce 1993-94 17 Everett, Jim (QB) – Purdue 1994-96 13 Nussmeier, Doug (QB) – Idaho 1994-97 14 Hodson, Tom (QB) – LSU 1995-96 12 Hobert, Billy Joe (QB) – Washington 1997-99 5 Shuler, Heath (QB) – Tennessee 1997-98 7 Wuerffel, Danny (QB) – Florida 1997-99

New Orleans Saints Quarterbacks
New Orleans Saints Quarterbacks

The New Orleans Saints have had a history of some colorful quarterbacks. We are looking for comments and feedback on the history of the quarterback position for the New Orleans Saints.

5. Billy Kilmer

When the picked up then RB Billy Kilmer as an unprotected free agent after the 1966 season the new franchise knew his days as a running back were over. The newest franchise in the NFL hoped to add depth to the position of quarterback. Billy Kilmer improved as the signal caller for the New Orleans Saints over his first 3 years in spite of not having played the position really since his college days. After Kilmer was replaced by Archie Manning as the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints he went on to finish his career with the Washington Redskins and made it to the 1972 NFC Championship game.

4. Aaron Brooks

When starting quarterback Jeff Blake got injured in 2000 and was replaced by Aaron Brooks. Brooks and the New Orleans Saints shocked the NFL world by defeating the defending Super Bowl Champion St Louis Rams. The continued a great season by going 10-6 and winning their division. Brooks helped the New Orleans Saints cross another hurdle by winning their first playoff game against the same Rams. When Brooks left the New Orleans Saints after 5 seasons he was the New Orleans Saints career leader in touchdown passes. Brooks was replaced by Drew Brees after the 2005 Katrina season and only played one more season with the Oakland Raiders.

3. Bobby Hebert

Bobby Hebert aka the Cajun Cannon was a local favorite. Hebert grew up in Cut Off Louisiana south of New Orleans and played college ball at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA. Hebert won a championship with the USFL before joining the New Orleans Saints. Hebert led the New Orleans Saints to their first winning season and their first playoff appearance. Hebert could not however lead the New Orleans Saints to defeat their division rivals the San Francisco 49ers in the playoffs. Hebert left the New Orleans Saints for the Atlanta Falcons where he played 4 more seasons.

2. Archie Manning

Archie Manning was drafted by the New Orleans Saints with high hopes. The problem was Manning was never given any help. He never had any talent surrounding him and no matter how good he was it was not enough. Manning was traded to the Houston Oilers and he finished his career with the Minnesota Vikings in 1984. Still Manning is held in such high regard that no other player has been allowed to wear his #8 jersey since.

1. Drew Brees

When the New Orleans Saints picked up Drew Brees as a free agent only one other team was interested in having him. The Miami Dolphins made an offer but were not sure how Brees would recover from surgery. Brees had been a solid starter for the San Diego Chargers until he injured his shoulder during the 2005 playoffs. Most teams were not sure how the smaller Brees would recover. The New Orleans Saints wanted Brees and they made sure he knew it.

Brees did not disappoint. Brees embraced the city and led the drive to help bring the city of New Orleans back. Brees led the New Orleans Saints to a NFC division Championship, their first NFC Championship game and then a first ever for the franchise Super Bowl Championship. Brees has led a powerful offense that has led the league in most categories every year since he joined the New Orleans Saints. The thing that helped him was the improvement of the defense in the 2009 – 2010 season. Even though Brees has not hung up his cleats he has to be considered the best New Orleans Saints quarterback ever.

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Who is the best New Orleans Saints Quarterback ever?

New Orleans Saints Quarterbacks

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