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The 2017 Saints and Free Agency


Who Dat Do Dat New Orleans Saints Drew Brees Love Affair With The City
Who Dat Do Dat New Orleans Saints Drew Brees Love Affair With The City







There has been a little bustle activity in the New Orleans Saints camp in recent days. The big question is how much did the roster actually improve and which players will be in the crosshairs in the NFL draft?  With the first week of free agency done there are still probably more questions than answers but everyone has an opinion.

The consensus is without the NL draft and what has happened so far in NOLA since the calendar year for the league has begun point to an improvement over the 7-9 version of the Saints from the last three seasons.  With some quality signings in free agency things are looking up. The addition of Larry Warford at guard, linebacker A.J. Klein, Alex Oakfor at pass rusher position and wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. is all additions to the plus column. The re-signing of safeties Banjo and Keo and defensive tackle Nick Fairley also seem to be good moves for New Orleans.

The Saints are meaning business by all accounts and activities like trading Brandin Cooks to New England in exchange for draft picks seem to reinforce that train of thought. Their active pursuit of cornerback Malcolm Butler of the Patriots adds to possible opportunities for the New Orleans team to get back on track. Golden boy Drew Brees is still leading the Saints and the fan base is still ‘Believing” , so we will see what 2017 holds for the Who Dat Nation.


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