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New Orleans Riddled with Potholes and Crime

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New Orleans Crime and Pot Holes

New Orleans is a wonderful city but like all things it requires constant up keep. Serious problems with streets as well as elevated crime has city neighborhoods and Nola lovers concerned over the neglect in both areas.



New Orleans locals are up arms about the various problems plaguing the Crescent City. Neighborhoods are mad because of the continued deteriation  of the city streets and the escalating, brazen crimes that are sparking outrage and concern about the safety of Big Easy residents and visitors.

One such incident had New Orleans police  investigating a shootout near the busy tourist corridor of Canal Street. This happened in broad daylight, in full view of bystanders and involved an A-K 47 assault rifle. According  to a news article, “Police responded to shots fired in the 2000 block of Conti Street in Mid-City around 12:30 p.m. Monday. There they found a collection of shell casings on the ground and the smell of gunpowder in the air. “It is brazen, and there were some AK-47 rounds discovered on this particular scene,” said NOPD First District Commander Otha Sandifer.   The two suspected gunmen were wounded in the shooting. Luckily, in this instance, no bystanders were hurt and both suspects were apprehended after one was seen running with the AK-47 and another was inside of a vehicle that crashed into another one on the corner of Canal Street and Claiborne Avenue.

A large sink hole opened up just miles from the New Orleans Superdome on Rampart St.  Rampart is currently under construction for the new street car line. This is just one of many occurrences through out the greater New Orleans area.  It is a danger for motorists and a concern for the infrastructure of the city’s roadways.  While pot holes were an issue that got a lot of attention in the last election it doesn’t seem that the follow through is quite enough to keep the voters happy.  This statement was made back then. “We know this is an important quality-of-life issue, and that’s why we have allocated over $2.5 million for street maintenance this year, an increase of over $800,000 from 2014,” spokesman Brad Howard said. “This will allow the city to secure two pothole killer trucks and increase road maintenance crews so that the city can fill 40,000 potholes in 2015.”

There is a lot of talk on both agendas but the city is not seeing any progress with either. Would you live in a place where on any given day you may get shot on the street or lose your car in a pot hole?





New Orleans Pot Holes