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New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu And Robert E. Lee

With the murder rate climbing, pot holes big enough to loose a car in, fire fighters who can’t get their pensions, the Mayor of New Orleans thinks removing historical statues from well known sites around the city is a priority. While he is at it he is also pushing to rename streets, not fix them mind you, but rename them. 

Statue Of Robert E. Lee
Lee Circle New Orleans Louisiana





As if the city of New Orleans wasn’t in enough turmoil controversial Mayor Mitch Landrieu has thrown more coals on the fire. His motion to remove the historical statues of Confederate officers like Robert E. Lee has petitions being passed for him to resign. Lee Circle was dedicated in honor of Confederate general Robert E. Lee in 1877.  An icon of the city, Lee Circle is a great place to start any visit to many of the nearby museums and galleries. The Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the Civil War Museum are a short walk and the expansive and impressive World War II Museum is just a block away. Also in the same area is the New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center.

How or why erasing the history of New Orleans and the South has become the thing that will end all problems is yet to be seen. Landrieu’s announcement for the removing monuments came during an event targeting racial reconciliation.  The event  was held at the Mahalia Jackson Theater of the Performing Arts . It was the culmination of the first year of a three-year program aimed at repairing race relations in New Orleans.

Repairing race relations is a noble cause but the question most are asking is this really going to make a difference? The petitioners say “No.” Since the launch of the petition it has amassed over 1,000 signatures. This petition prevails on Mayor Landrieu to represent all cultures and for supporters to boycott New Orleans in their words “until this madness ends.” The petition, in part, reads:

“The removal of Historical Statues, and Monuments is an unnecessary, idiotic action to take over actions of one insane member of society. Remove Mitch Landrieu from the Mayor’s seat, and let’s get someone that is passionate about our city, and passionate about our residents.” –

 More petition information can be found on the website. According to the City Council it will conduct a 60-day period of additional discussions and public hearings. This will take place before it comes to a vote on the future of the monuments. Is Jackson Square next?


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