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New Orleans Hornets Tickets – a Blast From the Past Buccaneers Style!

The game against the Charlotte Bobcats surely seemed to be a make or break game. There were definitely a lot at stake for both the teams. The Hornets though were playing this game right in front of their home crowd. Vociferous and partisan – These were two words that described the crowd for that game. It must be said that they were all in anticipation for a cracking NBA game, which they hoped their team would win.

But when the players started walking out on to the court, they were taken for a surprise indeed. They could see the players walking out in costumes that the New Orleans Buccaneers used to wear in the 70s. The Buccaneers then were a champion team and were revered all through by all other teams in the league for their attacking style of basketball.

During the half time, a lot of players who played in the final match up of Buccaneers with the Pittsburgh which the Buccaneers lost then, were felicitated. It truly seemed like it was a festival with loud music blaring through the sound systems of the dome. The whole moment was nostalgic in itself for the head coach of Bobcats, Larry Brown. Larry, it must be recollected, was a starting point guard for the Buccaneers then.

Ask Larry and he would not mince words on the quality of that team. “It just was one experience I would wish to take with me, all throughout my life. That indeed was one of the best teams I would have ever played for.” These words coming from one of the best coaches who albeit is struggling with the current form of his team are significant.

For a lot of guys who have survived the test of time thus far, it was a trip down the memory lane. The match up of the Hornets against the Bobcats definitely went into the background. This was an occasion of celebration; celebrate did everyone. For once, the Bobcats were not complaining about it at all.