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Is it safe to visit the French Quarter?

With the stories in the headlines that crime is up in the French Quarter, people are questioning whether to stay in the Quarter or not. I live here by choice and love it.  Here is an example of what others are saying.


French Quarter-Bourbon_Street-New_Orleans
French Quarter-Bourbon_Street-New_Orleans

My sister and I are in our early twenties and would like to visit and stay in New Orleans French Quarter, but we are a bit weary from everything we’ve heard. We mostly want to visit one of their many cemeteries, plantations and go on a swamp boat ride.
Would it be safe to stay at a hotel in the french quarter?
I’ve already heard if we go, not to dress nicely and at night not to walk on the sidewalk where the cars are parked (I guess people like to jump out from behind them and mug tourists)
Any other advice for us?

As an end of college road trip this past June, me and 5 other girls (all 21 or 22) took a road trip down to New Orleans. And it was a wonderful trip! But it is crowded, and lots of drunk people around every turn. Here are my tips and advice for young women traveling the French quarter alone:

1.On the weekends on Bourbon street they have mounted police.
2.We stayed at the Holliday Inn French quarter, there was a door man (guard) every day and night.
3.Stay in eye site of each other when walking around, it is very easy to become separated. (in bars go to the bathroom together even, not as important for restaurants)
4.If you feel tired or threatened walk into the nearest hotel lobby and sit down. No one is going to mess with you in a hotel lobby, and as long as you walk in and act like you belong you will not be asked to leave. (I have done this several times)
5.I never felt uncomfortable or unsafe when walking around bourbon street day or night or at the plantations and other tourist sites.
6.Do not carry all your money on you at once.
7.Keep emergency credit card numbers in you room incase your cards are stolen.
8.Use Common Sense
9.The ghost tours are a fun and really show you the history of the area.
10.Ask for advice on places to go from you hotel desk or restaurants or bars, not the stands on the street.
11.Visit Jackson square, especially during the day. Artists are out showing off their works. Also selling them.
12.You can barging for your purchases at the French Market.
13.Enjoy your self!

It is a great city with the culture unlike any other. Go and have fun. Do not worry, about what could happen. Use common sense and things will end up ok.

(Also if you enjoy Piano Bars, Pat O’ Brians has a wonderful one and the best hamburger I have ever had is in a restaurant right across the street from side entrance, I believe it was called Yo Mammas)




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