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Hurricane Katrina: The Drive: New Orleans Lower 9th Ward

A painful irony of post-Katrina New Orleans is how few
people throughout the country understand the extent of
what has happened to the city. Many people do not
realize that, nearly 10 months later, things are not
back to normal in New Orleans. As America’s attention
fades from Hurricane Katrina’s impact, a disabled New
Orleans continues to struggle for survival.

In many respects, New Orleans is alive and kicking.
People are moving home, schools are opening, cultural
activities have returned and, in some neighborhoods,
life has a sense of near normalcy; however, all it
takes is a short drive outside of the French Quarter
or Uptown to witness extensive loss and devastation.
The magnitude of flooding was incomprehensible and New Orleans still has many challenges to overcome.

The only way to really get a sense of the magnitude of
the post-Katrina destruction is to physically walk or
drive through the affected areas. With this in mind,
NOVAC presents The Drive. The Drive provides a raw
visual and narrated tour through four of the most
devastated neighborhoods in New Orleans and is
supported with extensive footage, maps, interviews,
digital imagery, and an original musical score by Emmy
nominated composer, Gil Talmi.

Through this community-based documentary project, we
present stories from a local point-of-view. We hope
this effort will garner continued support for the
rebuilding of a great American city.

Duration : 0:15:57

[youtube ubbjgLDKGyk]