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How do I keep more than 4 dogs in New Orleans?

I have 4 spayed female bulldogs and one REALLY OLD pug dog. They all receive exceptional care and are healthy and happy. We want to move to New Orleans but they have a 4 dog limit. Thought about a kennel license but many warn against this. Perhaps we could move to a rural area outside of New Orleans city limits? Besides just hoping someone doesn’t notice what is a good alternative?

In many cases a 4 dog limit is used as leverage to seize dogs from hoarders that end up with 20-30 dogs they can’t feed or vet. Even with these situations, a compromise is met, and the owner is sometimes allowed to keep more than 4 dogs. I would put a call in to city hall, and just ask about how flexible they are. If the dogs don’t cause trouble, I don’t see much reason they would come after you for being over the limit.
Moving to a rural area may be a good idea in general, of course I’m a bit partial. I think the dogs would like it better if they had a nice big fenced in backyard, and if you can avoid the 4 dog limit, all the better. I’m a big fan of being on the outskirts of a city in general. You get all of the benefits of being close to the city, but fewer of the negatives (less crime, noise, traffic, etc)