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Eating on a budget in French Quarter?

Half of our budget is airfare and hotel. Dining at fine restaurants is not a big priority at all but we obviously have to eat. Any tips to eat inexpensively? I obviously plan to to take full advantage of the free continental breakfast but does anyone know of any early bird specials at french quarter restaurants or other tips?

The coupons at the first link below might help… There’s $15 off at Dominique’s (2 entrees), and 1/2 off your second entree at Cajun Cabin… also $25 for 3 appetizers and a glass of wine at Ralph’s (add another appetizer and drink and you’ve got dinner for two).

Check out the second link for some more meal and drink deals… There’s an early-bird special at Brigsten’s, FREE mussels at La Cote, and other deals.

And there’s more on citysearch – Best of New Orleans cheap eats (third link)… Tripadvisor agrees with the bulk of the list, and adds a couple of others (fourth link)

No matter what city you’re in, you can usually find deals by asking at the front desk – Only tourists go to the overpriced glitzy tourist spots… ask where the locals go for a good meal and you’ll get the best food deals the city has to offer (usually).

Enjoy your trip – New Orleans is one of the greatest cities in the US!