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Beyond the French Quarter: a documentary

“Beyond the French Quarter” is a student-production that captures the unconventional accounts of youths in New Orleans. Follow us beyond the cameras and tourists, as we try to find hope in the areas that still haunt of desolation three years after Hurricane Katrina.

Background of this project

In March 2008, our 8-member production team visited New Orleans. Funded by Williams College, this project is not only about doing community services and helping with the reconstruction in the region; it is about telling our peers stories about the City of Jazz three years after Hurricane Katrina. During our one-week stay, we talked to people — college volunteers hammering on roofs, ordinary folks, kids in the neighborhood, the homeless in Tent City — and filmed the interviews. We captured images of the destruction and reconstruction, faces of volunteers and local residents. There are parties, neon lights, tourists, fine dining and jazz in the French Quarter, but beyond that, there is still a lot to be done.

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Detailed cast and crew credits

Director and editor: Danny Yuxing Huang (???)
Assistant director: Steven P. S. Cheng
Assistant editor: Helen J. Cha
Written by: Steven P. S. Cheng
Narrator: Robert Amster
Music by: Daniel Brett

Interviews with

* Ian Willson (Co-Founder, Michelle’s Earth Foundation)
* Nate Johnson (Brown University)
* Vicky Ferguson (Elmhurst)
* Jason Zander (Elmhurst)
* Brittany Siegler (Elmhurst)
* Rachel Saetre (Elmhurst)

Interviews conducted by:

* Steven P. S. Cheng
* Thammika Songkaeo
* Fatimah Toure
* Danny Y. Huang
* Ariel Kavoussi

Transcribed by

* Helen J. Cha
* Steven P. S. Cheng
* Ariel Kavoussi
* Kwan Young Paik
* Thammika Songkaeo

Boom operator: Stevie Luther

Director’s Biography

Danny Yuxing Huang (???) was born in Shenzhen, China and educated in Singapore. He made his first film, using Windows Movie Maker, in 2004, and since then, he has been an avid filmmaker. In 2008, one of his short films, Yang Fan is Born, was selected as the NPAR Animation Series in Annecy Film Festival, France. He is currently an undergraduate student in Williams College, Massachusetts, and is the president of Purple Valley Films, the student film production company in Williams. For more information, visit the filmmaker’s website at

Duration : 0:8:50

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