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Best advise for dining in French Quarter?

I am going to the French Quarter in October and want some advise on veggie eats. Food is not high on the priority list but eating would be nice : ) Fellow vegetarians that have been there with any advise would be great. Other useless stupid comments will once again be reported as usual <eg>
Thanks Frank! Great links : )
I’m so excited to go…it’s my first time. Amy ideas on hotels around $100 a night IN the French Quarter? From everything I am reading…it’s best to stay in the FQ and not venture out.

I have been wanting to go back for a while now…. I used to live there and haven’t been back in a few years. Although I wasn’t veggie at the time, let me see what I can find out…
Here is one link….

Let me talk to my wife and see what she can think of, it may take me a day or two but I may be able to talk to a couple of people down there and see what they might know for you. This is a good question for me because I have been wanting to make the trip and I wouldn’t have even thought about it, thanks girl.

Edit:Yes it is best to stay in the quarter. Everything for visiting is right there, riverwalk, jackson square, bourbon st. cafe du’ monde, the market, the cathedral & the cabildo, streetcars down st. Charles street (if you like beautiful old houses), canal st., jax brewery, etc. (I’m missing being there) and unless your are going to be there for a while I wouldn’t be worried about venturing out… I always use for things like that. When we went to Europe for a month early this summer that is what I used for the whole trip and it was great. The Quarter… The only time I stayed there when I lived there was one time when my wife and I went down into the quarter for the day, had too many hurricanes( pat o’brian’s is the best) and hand grenades (watch these if you drink, they are yummy but can fool you), and ended needing a place to stay to keep from driving. We stayed in a place that was mediocre and it cost about 175 best I can remember. If you walk up to a place or try to reserve it online… that is what you can probably expect to find. However, I looked on and found several under 100 that were nice and right around that amount. good luck.