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Benuzzi Maserati MC12 at Ferrari French Quarter Classic 2007

Dario Benuzzi performs like crazy at the Ferrari French Quarter Classic 2007. Dario Benuzzi is the legendary Ferrai Test Pilot, who has been developing all the Ferrari Cars for the last decades, including Enzo, FXX, 430, 599, scuderia. Benuzzi Is also known as the: “King of Fiorano”, the Ferrari Test track, and some say that in production cars he is still faster than Michael Schumacher. This is the first public exhibition, not directly organized by Ferrari, that Dario Benuzzi ever attended! The event i orgazined by Franco Valobra, the famous Jeweler with stores in Torino, Italy, Houston, Texas, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Other Ferrari factory attended the event, namely Vito C., and Andrea G.

Duration : 0:0:31

[youtube Dsq84D8ylXo]