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Are there any good nightlife spots in the French Quarter (NOLA) that are 18 and up?

We’ll be staying in the French Quarter so trying to stay as close to that as possible.

Also, any specific recommendations for any type of nightlife in New Orleans?
We’re first time visitors 🙂

If you’re with a dude, some places let girls in at 18 but won’t let guys in at 21, which is BS. However, I recommend Razoo’s if you like modern ‘Top 40’ music, Bourbon Cowboy is nice, it has a bull, some country music but not to country(they played kid rock a lot), the Dungeon, I’ve never been yet but I do believe you can get in at 18, male or female. They play rock music and heavy metal I think. There are always drunk people there, always interesting people there(a few years ago I walked there on a monday when I got off early one day at like 4pm and I was walking behind two black trannies(no joke). But beware, Bourbon Street smells really bad(then, if it didn’t, it’d be kinda lame, you’ll understand when you go there). I wouldn’t recommend carrying a lot of money or anything of value that you don’t need. I hope you have fun, go on a Saturday night, more people are there because many have to work on friday so there tired by the nighttime. Bourbon is usually packed until like 3:00-3:30am then it starts to die down. Thats the great thing, you can arrive at midnight, or 12:30, even 1 and you could still have an awesome time. Few people flash, thats only tourists really, and we get tourists around Mardi Gras & Jazz Fest. I wouldn’t recommend flashing anyone, espically if its not during Mardi Gras(which is over) because chances are you will get arrested. As far as the beads go, it depends on if anyones throwing them. Personally, Bourbon is way better when there isn’t anything going on in the city. At least you can move. I’ve never been for Mardi Gras but i went on the 4th of July(which is kinda lame here) and it was so packed, we had to hold onto each others shoulders so we wouldn’t get seperated. Hope you have a lot of fun.

I got into clubs with bars and some bars and they carded me when I was 18.