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A Day At The French Quarter

 Who wouldn’t want to spend a day in the French Quarter?  There is so much to take in as you wander the streets.  A little shopping, some music on the air, mouth-watering aromas of delicious southern cuisine all adds to the historic sights waiting for in the oldest area of the Crescent City.


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A Day At The French Quarter

Ah! Give me a day in the French Quarter and I am a happy girl.  I choose to be happy. So I guess it is lucky for me I get to live smack dab in the middle of this beautiful place. The sights and sounds of this place are a part of me. The world renowned cuisine may nourish my body, (and quite well I may say) but the music and the people feed my soul.  The Queen Jewel of the South aka New Orleans is a remarkable place full of history, past and present.  It should be on everybody’s bucket list of things to experience. There is so much happening in the 13 blocks of the New Orleans French Quarter that you may end up scratching off more than one item on your list.

NOLA is the land of the second lines. Weddings, funerals, just because, we parade for everything and anything.  You want your own second line, no problem, you can make it happen.  Would you love to see world class, grammy- award winning musicians playing in the streets? This is where it happens. How does filling up on some of the most scrumptious delicacies you have ever tasted sound? The biggest problem with the food in the Big Easy is to decide where to eat. And then the question is what do I eat! It is so hard to choose.  Seafood is a staple in this area and we definitely have some of the best.  Don’t count out the steaks, po’boys and beignets though. There is so many places that you need more than a day to get around to everything you should try. You could eat some place different three meals a day for a year and still not hit all the great spots in the place. One thing is for certain if you leave here hungry it’s not our fault.

Come on down this way and treat yourself. Spend the day roaming the streets, talk to a few locals, check out the art and music and get hooked. It has been said that if you love Nola she will love you back. I guarantee you will be back.

Sharon Denise Talbot




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