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Why do people think the New Orleans Saints are getting a free ticket?

Let me tell you, we have struggeled for years to achieve. Maybe, just some how in hell its just our time to win. Maybe it had nosthing to do with anything that people think(Hurricane). It’s just time we got good staff and now are ready? And for those NEW FANS, YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN if you weren’t their for the downs, our losses before 2005 THEN YOU ARE NOT A SAINTS FAN AND DON’T DESERVE TO CHEER US ON! But do it anyway just stop making it seem like we’re getting pity points. So you all would know, we lost alot of home games. Where is the pity? Thank you and have a nice nite.

Noone gets a free ride. It’s the NFL. Some people do have easier schedules, usually teams that sucked the year before. But any team can have a good day on any given Sunday so there is never a free ride.