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Who Dat Do Dat The New Orleans Saints Are In The Playoffs

The New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints took advantage of an opportunity to control their destiny on Monday Night Football by defeating the Atlanta Falcons. The New Orleans Saints clinched a spot in the post season tournament with a 17 to 14 win over the Falcons.

New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints

Atlanta has dominated in most games this season and gave the high powered New Orleans Saints offense trouble keeping them below their season scoring average. Still this loss could turn the playoff picture on its head depending on the results of next weekend’s games.

Should both the Falcons lose and the New Orleans Saints win next weekend the New Orleans Saints become the Number One seed in the NFC and make the New Orleans Saints the NFC South champs. This is however a long shot. The Falcons play the Panthers who are the worst team in the NFL. Still who would have thought the Chiefs would make it into the playoffs as a result of a Bengals win over the Chargers.

Still the New Orleans Saints are in the playoffs again and will at least have an opportunity to continue their defense of the NFL Championship. They showed that they can win in a hostile environment. The New Orleans Saints overcame mistakes, some questionable calls and the Falcon home crowd. This is a game that will prepare them for a playoffs filled with away games should they end up the fifth seed.