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What Going On With My New Orleans Saints?

During the 2006 for the first time in years, My Family, and myself were proud to be a natives of Louisiana, and also proud to boldly say we’re New Orleans Saints fans.

We’ve supported this team since the 1980’s when I was born.

While we’re still proud to be from Louisiana, it’s hard to say that about our Saints. They’rere making, and everyone in us feel sad, because we got use to having a winning team.

What should we do? I mean Dallas isn’t to far away, should we jump ship?

Let’s just hope that their plan is to go for the 1st pick of draft…I wouldn’t jump ship, after all I’ve been cheering for them longer than you. That bandwagon sure got crowded last year and I kind of go use to the company…wait and see how the year turns out but don’t expect so much with injuries and all. Enjoy the games and if worst comes to worst, there’s always LSU!