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Saints Win But Don’t Dominate The Seahawks

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Saints Win Against The Seahawks They Were Saved By Alvin Kamara



Anyone who believes that the game against the Seahawks is a model for success needs to look deeper. While a win is a win, the numbers don’t lie. Let’s start with what worked

Alvin Kamara was a force against the Seahawks. Kamara touched the ball 26 times, 16 rushing and 10 passing, for a total of 161 yards to lead all of the New Orleans Saints. Kamara took the offense on his shoulders and carried the Saints to a win.

Teddy Bridgewater did just enough. Bridgewater threw for 177 yds, 2 touchdowns and NO interceptions. Keeping the ball in the hands of the offense was key.

While the Saints were net 0 in the turnover column, they were able to generate two non-offensive TDs. That was huge in allowing the Black and Gold to put a notch in the win column.

The New Orleans Saints were able to find a way to win on the road in a place where the Seahawks have been almost unbeatable over the past decade during the month of September. Now let’s look at what should be a concern.

The Seahawks dominated all of the stats on both sides of the ball, except the final score. If you simply looked at the statistics, you would think that the New Orleans Saints lost the game by at least 21 points. When you add in the fact that the Saints were only neutral in turnovers, it is difficult to see how the Black and Gold won. Russell Wilson torched the Black and Gold defense for 457 yds total yards and 4 TDs. The Seahawks total offensive numbers were 515 total yds to the Saints 265. The penalties were no better. The Saints were 11 penalties for 70 yds while Seattle was only 7 for 53 yds. Time of possession also favored the Seahawks. The Saints held the ball for 28:27 minutes while the Seahawks held it for 31:33. Seattle led 1st downs 26 to the Saints 15 and 3rd down efficiency 36% to the Saints 27%. The Seahawks seem to move the ball at will except in the red zone. The Saints were 100% in the red zone while the Seahawks were only 80%.

This weekend the 2 – 1 New Orleans Saints take on the 3 – 0 Dallas Cowboys. If the Saints are going to emerge victorious, they are going to have to make some changes, especially on the defensive side of the ball. How that could happen is a discussion for another day.


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