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Saints and Chargers Play Preseason Game 2

New Orleans  Saints Look To Improve In Their Second Preseason Game

New Orleans Saints Preseason
Saints look to improve against the Chargers

First is the preseason important, yes. Second, does it matter if a team loses all their preseason games again yes. The only team to make it to the Super Bowl and go 0 – 4 in the preseason, as of the time of this article, were the 1990 Buffalo Bills and the 2000 New York Giants. On the other side, the only team who has gone 4 – 0 and made it to the Super Bowl was the 2013 Seattle Seahawks.

So now that we got that out of the way, what should we look for as the New Orleans Saints play the Los Angeles on Sunday 08/18/2019? The simple answer is IMPROVEMENT! While that might be difficult to define, I will know it when I see it. Still, here are some things that if we see them, we will feel better about the progress of the 2019 -2020 New Orleans Saints:

Top Things To Look For In Preseason Game #2

  1. More Teddy and Taysom as well as less Drew – We all know that the starting QB for the New Orleans Saints is going to be Drew Brees. So, we should see what Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill will do with some if not all the starters. Most of us believe that Teddy Bridgewater is the #2 QB and potentially the heir to Drew Brees but Taysom Hill is intriguing. In order properly evaluate both backup quarterbacks they should have snaps with the first team. Mixing up short, medium and deep balls would be nice.
  2. Target Jared Cook – The absence of a receiving tight end, especially in the red zone has hurt the New Orleans Saints offense. The addition of Jared Cook was meant to remedy this shortfall. While from all indications Jared Cook has performed well if not excellent in practice, seeing him light it up in a real game situation would be helpful.
  3. Someone to step up as the 3 receiver – Emmanuel Butler, Simmie Cobbs Jr., Tre’Quan Smith and Keith Kirkwood are fighting to be the #3 wide receiver. This is the perfect game to grab the bull by the horns and make a name. The Chargers secondary is supposed to be on of the best in 2019 – 2020 so what better time to prove that you should be in the #3 slot as wide receiver.
  4. Stop the RUN – Against the Viking the Saints were hit early by the run. The New Orleans defense was aggressive, and the Vikings took advantage of that aggressive plan. Marcus Davenport could play as well as Cam Jordan. The run has been a problem for the Saints defense as of late. If the New Orleans Saints are going to make it to the playoffs and beyond, they must show improvement against the run.
  5. Better coverage by the secondary – This unit is supposed to be better than in past years. They need to show improvement in this preseason game. P.J. Williams and Patrick Robinson are battling for the nickel corner position. All of the secondary needs to keep their assignments and not get confused. Ten of the fourteen players had a 100% completion rate by their targets. The Vikings QBs had a 135.9 rating, this is unacceptable. There should be drastic improvement in this game.


While a victory would be the most desirable outcome for the New Orleans Saints second preseason game would be seeing marked improvement. This would be a “win.”


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