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NFC Championship 2010 – Vikings vs Saints Highlights

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write up by Gene Wojciechowski

NEW ORLEANS — Brett Favre will never forget Sunday’s NFC Championship Game.

His body won’t let him.

The New Orleans Saints beat the Vikings in overtime partly because — no, mostly because — they beat up Favre. That, and five Vikings turnovers, including one gruesome interception by Favre in the final 15 seconds of regulation.

By game’s end, Favre’s body color matched his helmet color: purple. He was 40 at kickoff. He was 60 at the final whistle. In between, he was knocked all the way to Kiln, Miss.

“How old are you?” said Favre to ESPN’s Ed Werder as reporters formed a loose semicircle around his locker.

“Forty-nine,” said Werder. “How old you feel?”

“Something around that,” said Favre.

The Saints are going to their first Super Bowl thanks to a merciless defensive game plan designed to inflict pain. Favre was the inflictee.

Duration : 7 min 23 sec

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