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New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams New Years Eve 12 31 1990

New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams in the Louisiana Superdome New Years Eve, 12/31/90. To the last second, an exciting finish between Jim Mora (Saints) and John Robinson (Rams) as coaches. The final regular season game in 1990. In the video, there is even one shot of former Saints GM Jim Finks. Off an old VCR tape that survived hurricane Katrina, the quality may be deteriorated in some parts of the video, but it is still great to watch. You will see some old classic players from the era. One thing I have to say is the number of emails I get thanking me for posting this. It was off an old tape and thought it was interesting. I am glad to share it with you. IN THE GAME… Saints: Steve Walsh QB, Eric Martin, WR, Morten Andersen K, Pat Swilling LB. Floyd Turner R, and John Tice, the brother of future Vikings coach, Mike Tice. He’s the one who called the penalty on the Rams on the field goal attempt. Probably many more thatyou can spot that I can’t! ~~~~~~Rams: Jim Everett QB Commentators, Frank Gifford, Dan Dierdorf, and of course, Al Michaels. ABC Sports Monday Night Football…the way it use to be! Dallas Cowboys would have made the playoffs had the outcome of this game been different. Dallas went to the Superbowl the following year.

Duration : 0:8:59

[youtube Y6u14M0yObo]