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Jerry Jones Wants New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton


This is the headline that is sweeping the internet. Is it true? Here are some thoughts on the topic.

First, if Jerry Jones isn’t thinking about Sean Payton then he is not the type of owner we think he is. Sean Payton is one of the premier coaches in the NFL. He took a New Orleans Saints franchise and turned it around. He has the skill set and the personality to handle Jerry Jones and turn the Cowboys into a contender.

Second, our sources say that Jerry Jones has sent feelers out to see if Sean Payton would even discuss the possibility. Payton’s response was that he would not make any decisions until after this season was over.

Next, Sean Payton has attached himself to the city of New Orleans. He has become a part of the community. He and quarterback Drew Brees have immersed themselves in the community. Stepping away from that would be difficult.

The other part is the success factor. Sean Payton has won a Super Bowl with New Orleans and has the pieces in place to win at least one more. Winning two Super Bowl would put him in a very exclusive club.

More money could come into play. Jerry Jones is not afraid to throw money at a problem. Sources have thrown out numbers like $10 million per year. Not sure if that could happen but that would get anyone’s attention.

The final things IS HE CRAZY? He would be moving from a city where he is loved by the ownership, the media, the fans and the players. Dallas is a zoo. The owner wants results yesterday, the media expects a Super Bowl appearance every year with only one loss every three years. Anything less and they are calling for his head. He would have to clean house with the player roster. Attitudes with the players are terrible. Some could be turned around but many would have to go.
So based on what we know today, the chances that Sean Payton will go to the Dallas Cowboys is pretty slim.  Still this is a story we will have to watch.

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton