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Chill Out Folks, It’s Only Week Two!

Okay everyone just take a deep breath, loosen your collar, and don’t go heading to the closest bridge if you’re a Carolina Panther fan. The good news for fans whose teams lost is that there are 15 other teams who are dealing with depression just after the first weekend in what promises to be a topsy-turvy year.

Here is a sample of so me of the headlines from these losing cities!

Same song, new verse:
Bledsoe’s 3 interceptions spell doom in Cowboys opener.

Winslow is a bright spot on dismal day.

Delhomme has to do better.

Needless to say the state of North Carolina has had better days as the Panthers were swarmed by the Falcons, the Tar Heels were given the boots by the Hokies, and the Wolfpack were stunned by a team named the Zips! Where is basketball season when you need it?

However for those of you who have a short memory, but love football betting, it was just a year ago that the homeless New Orleans Saints waltzed into Carolina and stunned the Panthers. Carolina quickly picked themselves up off the mat and proceeded to the NFC Championship game, so hope springs eternal. You should still check out their odds at your favorite sportbook since after that game with the Saints.

As for the Cowboys, they marched out to an early 10-point lead, but then the Jaguars shut down their running game and Drew Bledsoe went into his Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde routine. When Drew’s on his game it’s a beautiful picture since this guy can seemingly throw a football through a thimble. However, when he is bad he can be awful as was evident by his throws in the last game. Make way for Tony Romo!

On the flip side of this rationale is the performance of the Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Cleveland Browns. I have been warning bettors for weeks now that a lack of a solid offensive line would doom these teams.

The results from these last games support my claims!

Bob Acton

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Bob Acton