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2009 New Orleans Saints Top 20 Moments of the Season 1 ( 20-11 )

The Top 20 Saints Moments of 2009 countdown (20 -11)by FOOTBALL1stDOWN.Just so there is no confusion,these are the top 20 moments/plays of 2009,that I felt were memorable.So,if you don’t see your favorite moment(which is a strong chance you will)don’t sweat it .Don’t hate the maker, hate the game :^)

#20.Air Pierre-wk 8 vs ATL ,Pierre makes spectacular TD

#19.Shockeys’ Revenge-wk 6 vs NYG,Jeremy Shockey score a TD on his former team.
#18.Hart Breaking Record-SB44,Garrett Hartley enters the record books by kicking three 40+ yd fg’s(44,46, and 47)That’s a Super Bowl record.

#17.Reggie Returns-Div.Playoffs,Reggie Bush returns a punt 83yds to put the game completely out of reach.

#16.Pierre Runs Away-wk 3 @ BUF,Pierre enters the game early 3rd qtr and racks up 126 yds and 2tds,a season high.

#15.Sharper goes 99 yds-wk 4 Darren Sharper picks off Sanchez for a 99yd td.

#14.2 Moore-SB 44,Lance Moore makes incredible reception to get the 2pt conversion.
#13.400-wk 13,Drew Brees throws his only 400 yd game of the season(419),to keep the Saints perfect record intact.

#12.Human Highlight Reel-wk 10,Bush controlled the game and single- handedly kept the saints in the game.

#11.Screening Pierre-SB 44,Thomas runs through the Colts defense for the first td, in Saints Super Bowl History.

Duration : 0:6:15

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