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Visiting New Orleans with the kiddies?

I’m visiting New Orleans for about a day…maybe two with my kids, all teens. We want to show them some of the interesting sites but being that they’re kids they wont be all too interested in the WW2 museum or the like. Too much like school i suppose lol. What would you all recommend, specifically, that we should definatly check out? Of course we want to eat at some point in the day but I’ve read about most of those must see places…I’m looking more for things like sites or attractions, like the wax museum or the zoo? Any other cool places? Hidden secrets or little known places would be nice to hear about 🙂

How about Mardi Gras World


Insectatorium, Zoo, aquarium

Maybe take a carriage ride around the city. You can pick them up at Jackson Square.

You could do a swamp tour.


Or perhaps the wax museum

Go to a baseball game, its affordable and fun.

Rock and bowl is fun for the family

or even just hop on the streetcar and go for a ride. Have Fun!