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Road Trip Suggestion: NYC to New Orleans?

Hi, we are planning a road trip NYC to New Orleans for Christmas & New Year. Definitely going to pass thru South Beach along the way. So, we are looking for suggestion for local attraction and "must eat this while in town" places along the way. Use Google maps to see our route. As long as its within 10-15 miles off the route we will stop by and try it out.

We watch shows like Bizarre Food & Man Vs. Food. Which represent local chows that are good and not fine cuisine price. Since we are in the age range of 25-30, we would like to find out about the happening night life and places we can visit along the way as well.

Any suggestion will be much appreciated. Thank you.

you will drive right through Knoxville, tn… so go to the pizza palace. then while in new orleans, go to joey K’s restaurant and bar… and the joint.