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I am visiting New Orleans and want to know about exciting things to do?

Hello All,

I am visiting New Orleans in January 2009 and would like to know where are the hot spots? Are there any great restaurants, night clubs or other tourist attractions to try out? I will be coming with my job so it would definitely be after 5-6pm outings.


There is a restaurant on the corner of Conti and Bourbon called Ole New Awlins Cookery. I used to live in Baton Rouge area and have actually driven to New Orleans just to eat at this restaurant. I highly recommend the BBQ Shrimp. As for the haunted tours, they give a lot of false information but if that doesn’t matter to you it may be exciting. If into the haunted thing look up New Orleans ghost stories. If you find no info on that email me at and I can forward you info on haunted places there.